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First.....You must roll, roll, and roll....the more rounds you get in during training the more your cardio will improve. Even when you dead tired you should focus on defense and escapes.

Second....BJJ targets your bodies’ two energy systems......Aerobic and Anaerobic. Aerobic is your primary energy system and is used for everyday tasks...its fuel comes for body fat. The more in shape you are the more your Aerobic system will burn fat efficiently for energy...Hence why people in shape are cut, ripped, diesel, etc. The Aerobic energy system is activated when the body is at rest, or during activities of long duration...greater than 2-3 minutes (BJJ rounds average about 5 mins). 

The second energy system in your body is Anaerobic; this system is extremely powerful but is only active for the first 2-3mins of exercise/activity. It works great during explosive movements, and can generate tremendous force. Anaerobic energy is generated from Carbs stored inside of muscles and the liver. 

So how do you improve your cardio for BJJ....By working out both of these systems together during the same workout day....When could you do this???? By simply going to BJJ practice and rolling. Your first 2-3mins in a round will have you using anaerobic energy followed by your aerobic system. How would you be able to work your cardio outside of BJJ????

By establishing a solid resistance training program you will target your anaerobic system...once your resistance training program is complete jump on that cardio machine and do cardio for 15-20mins at a steady pace...this will trigger your aerobic system. In order to reap the complete benefits of crazy cardio and stamina you must exercise within both systems.... (More on this to come in future posts).

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